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Biblical Counseling


We all run into difficulties in life. Sometimes it is hard to recognize which side is up. Creekside Community Church can offer you and your family help. For us the help comes in the form of Biblical Counseling - and here is why:


  1. Far smarter than any person is the God who inspired the Bible.

  2. The Bible has a far longer track record than any "expert" in the field of life, relationships and solutions.

  3. The Bible doesn't change on the results of a survey, poll or popular trend - and because the basic issues that people deal with haven't either, the principles of Scripture are timeless.

  4. The Bible is direct in it's instructions, gentle in it's encouragement and sincere in it's corrections.

  5. Who would you like to repair a problem?  The designer of the product who knows everything about it  and is infinite in His understanding and compassion - or someone who has just a "working knowledge of the product" and is finite in understanding and limited in compassion?


If you or your family are dealing with situations that have got the better of you, you can call us at 255-7266 and arrange an appointment to sit down and assess the possible solution.


Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors

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