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Women’s Ministry

Proverbs 31, women's ministry meets on the third Saturday of the month @ 9:00 am in the fireside room. This is a time to gather as women of faith for fellowship, spiritual growth, and outreach.  

*** Proverbs 31 is currently taking the summer off. ***

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Table Groups

Come and join in on an authentic early church experience of gathering in homes for a meal and fellowship. This is a great way to challenge each other spiritually, encourage each other, and honor God. 


Zion Student Ministries

Zion Youth Ministries are designed to make our middle and high school students' faith practical in the real world. Confidence in God leads to confidence in everyday life. With a mixture of fun, relationships, and searching for truth and wisdom, the students at Creekside are an integral part of a "family of faith." They are not just part of the church "in waiting" but are valued and important as they are today!  

Study group

Thursday Bible Study

Join us in the fireside room every Thursday morning @ 10:30 am for a group bible study led by one of the Creekside Elders. This is a time of community and growth, in a more traditional Sunday school environment. All are welcome. 

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