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Gleanings for the Hungry
To feed those in need, both physically and spiritually

Creekside Community Church is pleased to support Gleanings for the Hungry in their mission to feed those in need both physically and spiritually.  Their work began in the summer of 1982 by making use of the tons of California cull fruit thrown away annually that could be used as “gleanings for the needy of the world”.

Enjoy reading a short history of about their work.

The Claasen Family
New Tribes Mission (NTM) serving Papua New Guinea


Creekside Community Church is pleased to support the ministry of Nate and Elizabeth Claasen and their boys Noah, Tim and Elias in the wonderful work they're doing as tribal missionaries to remote regions of Papua New Guinea.


Follow their story by visiting their blog Bringing Light into Darkness.

Expressions of Hope
Bringing hope to foster/adopted kids and families in the Napa Valley.


Creekside Community Church is pleased to support Expressions of Hope, a local organization dedicated to supporting foster and adopted children and their families through their many "Hope" programs.


Learn more about this wonderful organization by visiting the Expressions of Hope website.

Strong Tower Hispanic Church


Creekside Community Church is pleased to share our home with our ministry partner, the Strong Tower Hispanic Church.


Their Sunday Worship Service is held at 2:00 PM in the main sanctuary.

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