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Women's Scripture Art Morning


Saturday, February 7, 2015

10:00 AM to Noon

Fireside Room


Dear Women of Creekside,


Last Spring, we at Creekside hosted a “Scripture Art Morning.” Our goal was fellowshipping with other women while we conversed and created Scripture-based art projects.  So many of the women who missed this activity have asked for another opportunity, so, on Saturday, February 7th, we will have another Scripture Art Morning from 10:00 AM to Noon.

(A sign-up sheet is available in the Fireside room.) 


Our project will be creating personalized Worship Song Books for use in our individual Bible Study and devotion times.


Here's what we’re asking each participant to do before we meet in February:


1.   Select 1 to 5 songs that have special meaning to you.


2.   Find the lyrics for each song and print them on 8-1/2 x11 standard letter paper.


You can go on the internet and type in “lyrics for (whichever song you choose)”.  Select one of the options listed.  Copy/paste the words into a word processing document and print.




You can find the lyrics in a hymnal or songbook and type them on standard letter paper using a typewriter (for those of us who remember what a typewriter is and still have one that works!)


3.   Write (in your own handwriting, if possible) on a separate page, why that song has special         meaning for you. 




 “The experience of participating in live worship has a profound impact on me.  Each week, in the days following Creekside’s service, I find that the Lord puts one of Sunday’s songs in my mind, especially during my hours at work. Songs like “How Great Is Our God” lift my spirits, calm my anxiety, and enable me to see others through God’s eyes.”


“This is the first hymn I remember singing as a child”


”This chorus was sung the day I was baptized”


“This song was played at our wedding ten years ago.” 


If for some reason either writing out why the song is special to you, or the printing out the song lyrics is difficult for you, please let me know.  We have ladies who would be happy to assist you! 


Bring these two elements - song lyrics and why this song has meaning to you - on February 7th, and we will each create our own scrapbooked covers, make copies of everyone’s offerings, and assemble our personalized worship books.  Art materials will be provided and/or bring some of your own.


If you participated in our first session, you know how much fun it was!  Please come again.

You can continue working on your book, add the pages of the many new women who are coming, and you can share your ideas. 


We hope to see you all on February 7th!


Your sister in Christ, Maureen


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