San Bernardino

December 4, 2015


Dear Christ Followers,


I'm sure that most of you are aware of the events that unfolded down in So. Cal this week related to the killing of 14 and wounding of 21.


There are several things to take away from this tragedy:


1. All those who lost their lives are but numbers and pictures to us, but they are family and friends to many.  Pray for those who lost loved ones and for those who were on site and survived only to have to re-live the scene over and over again.


2. The law enforcement officers did an incredible job of putting together the clues to eliminate any future threat from this couple.  There is no doubt that these two were prepared to inflict considerably more harm and damage on other people based on what was found at the couple's home.  Make sure that you thank a police officer soon for the way that they work to insure our safety.  It seems that the occasional rogue officer gets all the headlines, but it is the hundreds of thousands of police personnel who daily allow us to live our lives in relative peace.


3. The lesson learned from the neighbor of this couple who "didn't want to be considered a racist" by reporting what she noticed and felt in her gut is - see something - say something.  She will forever be haunted by the lives that she might have saved had she just called in her concerns and observations.


4. The other lesson that we should have learned from the neighbor is that Political Correctness was deadly.  We as Christ followers are called to Biblically Correct which encompasses truth, honesty and integrity.  We must be careful to not allow our lives to be dictated by what others might think of us, but rather what God thinks of us.  Biblical Correctness doesn't give us right to be rude, obnoxious, judgmental or prejudice, but mandates us to be discerning, wise and responsible.  We are truly our brother’s keeper.  We must be certain that in any situation, we are accurately speaking God's Words based on God's Word, not some ideology (often theo-political) that we have hatched in our minds.  Isn't that to large degree what has happened in the minds of these radical Islamic jihadists?


5. Lastly, this hits close to home for me, as the couple who perpetrated these horrendous acts upon others took up residency five months ago only seven blocks from my father's home in Redlands.  This couple could have just as easily ventured down the street and then the victims would not have just been a number and a picture for me and my family.


In His Grace,




See you Saturday evening at the dinner or Sunday morning for worship.  May the Lord bless and guard you and your loved ones.

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