What the Future Looks Like for the Church

January 15, 2017


This Friday, the United States of America swears in it’s 45th President: Donald Trump.  Whether you like him or not, in our rich tradition of peaceful transfers of power, he will become the President of all Americans.  I know there are many who protest and say “he is not my President.”  I would pose the question, “What choice do you have?” 


Whereas, the choice of who will be our next president has already been decided, we as Christ Followers, still have an overarching decision to make: What will be our role be in America going forward?  Are we to be part of preserving a society?  Should we be concerned about being part of the formula of preserving eternal souls?  Can we do both?  Should we do both?  And beyond that, is it possible to have one eye on eternity and one on the present?  Why is the church not the salt (neither preserving or flavoring) that it once was in our country?  Does light really penetrate the most in darkness? 


The author, Jim Denison attempts to clarify the role of the Christ Follower in America today and tomorrow: 


We can be “culture warriors" or we can be cultural missionaries, but we cannot be both. There are times when we must defend biblical truth, as did the prophets and apostles (1 Peter 3:15). But there are also times when we should build relational bridges over which to lead people to biblical truth. Jesus condemned the Pharisees' hypocrisy (Matthew 23), but he engaged the Samaritan woman in gracious conversation that led to the conversion of her village (John 4). 


If we desire a godly society, it will not be Congress, a President or a Supreme Court that will sustain it or assure it: it will be God.  It will not be for the lack of funds, technology, training courses available or even Kingdom sincerity that Christians and the church will fail to become the influential institution that it is in part designed to be.  From a human perspective, it will most certainly depend on how much wisdom Followers of Christ have to determine  battles deserving our efforts.  During the Revolutionary War that won us our freedom, General George Washington prayed, “Almighty God, allow me to have the wisdom to know which battles to fight, so that we might be victorious in war.”


In His Grace,

Pastor Terry


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