Tuesdays with Terry - Aways Yellow!

January 3, 2018



 In my personal library I have over a 1500 books, some of which I have actually read. 


There are different authors, titles and ISBN numbers.  There are hardbacks and paperbacks.  Some have the original dust covers, others do not.  Some are thin, therefore making reading the title and author on the spine very difficult.  Some are short and others tall.  Some are fiction, but most are not.  There are books on history, theology, economics, philosophy, do-it-yourself, even a collection of Far Side volumes.  Some are written by authors who have passed away some time ago, others by my contemporaries.  However, no matter the book all of them have a couple of things in common:


1. They have my full name  -  Terry James Baird and the date that they took up residence on the book shelves in either my study at home or in my office at a church past or present.


2. Important insights are noted with a yellow see-through mark.  These marks are often referred to as a "highlight"


The color is always yellow


I'm aware that there are a rainbow of colors that are available to highlight printed text, but yellow is my color. 


I once had someone give me several books that I thought I might enjoy thoroughly.  I had to return them to the generous giver because he had unfortunately highlighted some of the text in Greeeeeeeeen!


I would like you to join me in my yellow campaign.


A couple of Sundays ago and in the days that followed there was an opportunity to pick up a New Testament reading schedule and yellow highlighter.  With the schedule and the yellow highlighter (conveniently provided by guess who?) in about 5 minutes a day you and I can read through the entire New Testament in a year.


For some of you, that will be repeat of something that you may have of done and in some cases done many times.  For others of you, this might be a first time  -  no problem.  Just know that you are doing it the right way with your yellow highlighter.  You'll thank me for it later.


The challenge is to highlight the reading schedule as you read what is assigned.  For those of you who are comfortable with it, you can even highlight your Bible.


There are some of you who may not have picked up the reading schedule and the yellow highlighter at church during the last couple of weeks.  You have two options  -  you can grab one next Sunday and catch up or you can go to http://apostles-raleigh.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Read-New-Testament-in-One-Year.pdf and download and print.


I believe that as you move through the year reading the New Testament each day it will end up being the highlight (yellow of course) of your year.


In His Grace,


Pastor Terry



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